Minutes of the Annual Assembly of the Kingswear Parish Meeting

Held in the Village Hall on Tuesday 6th May 2014

Present: Cllr. J. Hawkins (Chairman of the Parish Council) with Cllrs. Allen, Henshall, A and R Lovell, Newcombe, Paddock and Trevorrow and 8 members of the public/ representatives from village organisations. Mrs. Emma Illingworth (Clerk to the Council)

Cllr.J.Hawkins (Chairman of the Parish Council) welcomed all to the meeting and thanked all for their contribution and hard work for the community.  There were representatives or reports submitted from the following organisations in attendance: (Reports included in their entirety)

                  Badminton Club

      Carlow Bequest Trustees

Kingswear Historians

Kingswear Parish Council

Kingswear Regatta Committee

Kingswear Rowing Club

Kingswear Village Hall

Maxey Trust

2 to 4 Club

Kingswear Playground Group

Royal Dart Yacht Club.



The minutes of the last APM on the 7th May 2013 were signed as a correct record. The Chairman asked for the minutes to be presented at an earlier date and it was agreed that they would be signed in July.



Apologies were received from Mrs and Mrs J Holman (Kingswear Combined Charities), Maxey Trust, Kingswear Primary School, District Cllr Bastone, PC R Hewett , Cllr. J. Ferris and  Cllr. J.  Hacking.



The clerk gave a light hearted address:

This year it gives the council and I the great pleasure of awarding the Kingswear Award to our Chairman, Jonathan.

Jonathan who despite his public statements to the contrary is actually older than me, which can be evidenced due to length of time he has been councillor. I believe in deed that some of his first work involved taking these pictures that surround as historical pieces.

Humour does come into our role and is one of Jonathan’s great strengths. He knows how to make things fun and enjoyable. But on a serious note Jonathan has been a councillor since 1899 sorry 1999 I think and Chairman for 10 years. During that time he has worked tirelessly for not only Kingswear but the District as a whole.

But we are talking about Kingswear. Jonathan is passionate about Kingswear and does all he can to ensure the voice of our community is heard. Like all councillors he is not paid for his role as Chairman. He fits this work into a busy life. Despite this busy life he always has time for me whish as clerk is essential and I appreciate.  He listens to the community and responds accordingly. Many projects and improvements would simply not happen without Jonathan’s determination. His commitment goes right across all areas. This week a small example but he has supported me on a risk assessment walk around to ensure we are prioritising those structure areas within our responsibility that may need attention. Mundane but essential and appreciated by me. On the other hand he was one of the main driving forces behind the very successful Diamond Jubilee celebrations, not to mention many of the structural improvements that have been made to the parish. Much of this work is not seen, but I can assure you is evident and effective.

He makes things happen and helps us to focus and prioritise our attentions.

I could go on and on.

As a community we should and I know we are very grateful for Jonathan’s commitment in helping to ensure that Kingswear Parish is beautiful place to live with the infrastructure to support it.

I am therefore delighted to present the Kingswear Award for 2013 to Jonathan for dedication on Commitment throughout his career as a councillor.



Well this was to have been my swan song report, having told my fellow Councillors in August that I wished to stand down,

Well I am still here and if re elected will be here still next year, I must be doing something right or no one is daft enough to do it. I thank all my fellow Cllrs for their continued support and help and advice. We are a TEAM AND THAT IS WHAT MATTERS.

I would like to thank all of my fellow Parish Councillors for all their hard work and dedication over the past twelve months, each one has a particular speciality or interest that helps make the whole work. A very Big THANK YOU.

Especially my Vice Chairman Annie Lovell, who helps me with always good advice and is always willing to offer help. Sadly I cannot persuade her to become Chairman. But I will not stop trying.

A big thank you goes to Mark Oakshott and his staff, who this year again saw our Parish School have excellent results we are very lucky to have Mark as our school head.

Also to PC Roger Hewitt who ensures our community is looked after so well and always comes to our Council Meetings and gives a full report.

Projects 2013/14

Lime Kiln This area of Water head Creek has soon become a popular spot to sit and watch the world go by. It is used by many in the community and although there are a few jobs still to do, I think it has been a well worth project.

New Permissive Path between the Toll House and Hillhead has also been well received and I see people often walking on it in the morning when I go to work

The section to Pen Hill lane has recently been finished, and what has been a very dangerous section between the Holiday Camp and Hillhead has now been removed

Well done to the persistence of Cllr Lovell

Talks continue with the National Trust over improvements to the lane to Coleton Fishacre, 

Highway matters

We are working with Devon County on the possibility of a 20 mile speed limit for Kingswear, as well as safety issues on Higher Contour and Lower Contour Rd, as well as the Banjo.

The Proposed Traffic Order was approved by County recently and improved areas of yellow lines will be put in place in the village and Hillhead soon.

Continued improvements to the Cemetery have taken place. Safety again has been our concern, the gate/ entrance closest to the lodge has been closed as well as improved access for parking and turning created.

The saga of Light House Beach continues.

We are still in talks with the Land owner we hope that they will be successful if not sadly we will be asking for an Enquiry to decide this issue once and for all.

We have had a number of meetings over the past few months, but we as a Council are concerned that what we agree is what the Parishioners would be happy with, and that is the issue that will make our final decision.

Kingswear is certainly not a community that stands still

 This year we commemorate the anniversary of the start of The First World War, we have a number of plans for August if you have any suggestions they would be very welcome. 

Ps Kingswear Castle returned last year to her rightful home the river Dart, what a truly magnificent sight she makes as she sails down the estuary, and we should thank the Dartmouth Rly for bringing her back.

The Rly also this year celebrates the 150th anniversary of it opening, and I hope that it will be suitably celebrated.

The Noss Development has gone quiet, but I understand that work continues on this very important site on our banks of the river. We look forward to seeing their proposals, it is a sensitive site and we will all be carefully watching.

South Hams District Council opened last year their new Car Ferry Slip, this project sadly over ran, but the improved slips are a great improvement on what was there before, the project cost almost £1.5 million

Looking to the future

Beacon Road has now been closed for over a year. Devon County estimates the work to the cliff at over £100,000. In these financially hard times County does not have the money to repair this path.

We all understand how important this path is to our community and to tourists the view from it of the mouth of the river is simply breath taking. I have asked County Officers to come to a future Parish Council Meeting to see how we get this very important section re opened.

Bus Service 22. Torbay Council have asked for views on the evening service, the treat is to with draw it in April 2015, I hope everyone has written expressing how important this is to Kingswear and Hillhead

But as they say use it or loose it.

I must thank my fellow District Councillors and in particular Hilary Bastone for his support and advice over the years. We phone each other many, many times each day

Finally to Emma our Amazing Parish Clerk, none of this would be possible without her many thanks to Emma and her family for being such a support to her.



Emma Illingworth, the Clerk to the Council reported:

3 Pieces of information where made available to attendees
A - Latest budget 31st March

B- Balances of KPC as at 31st March 2014

C- Audited Accounts 2013.

As you can see this year we have a healthy surplus, which is a relief certainly to me as we have struggled financially over recent years. The increased reserve is due to sadly increased grave income, care on council spending and hard work in obtaining grants for the major projects carried out.

Councillors have financial information at every meeting when there is always a budget discussion. The areas in red on your copies are where the planned budget has been exceeded which require my investigation and explanation. In many cases these lines have been increased going forward as costs change. We continue to have regular finance meetings and monitor the balances carefully.

I urge the council to keep these reserves well maintained as with the unpredictable weather. (This year we had a large tree bill) and increasing responsibility and services that we have to provide .It is essential that the council maintains reserves that area acceptable for these eventualities.

This year will see a change in my role. Regrettably the working group structure has not been successful, which has resulted in even greater direct involvement and management from me. This necessitates the council to carefully consider what projects they take on in the future due to resource constraints. As clerk I need to return to my main core duties which have certainly been stretched over the last couple of years to ensure I am fulfilling my responsibilities for administration of the council.

I would encourage the council to allow me time this year to improve on administration and training, audit the remaining grave spaces and research a new website. Of course any assistance with these projects would be appreciated.

I remain grateful for the hard work of councillors who have been involved in projects and council work this year.



Apologies received.



Trustees, Carlow Bequest, Parish Clerk

The Clerk reported:

Mrs Carlow left sums of money to eighteen different village organisations. For Kingswear Parish Council the instruction “The Chairman and other officers for the time being of the Kingswear Parish Council for the use at their discretion in helping and benefiting the old people living in the Parish of Kingswear”.

When the estate was finally wound up the money amounted to £13,000 to each organisation. The money is quite separate from council funds and cannot be used to reduce the precept. The Councillors and the Clerk are the Trustees.

The current funds stand at about £7615.59 inevitably reducing. Each year the Bequest funds the Senior Citizens’ lunch. This year the event was to the Ship Inn. This year’s event was again a very enjoyable occasion and we are grateful to Colin and his team for looking after us so well.

I would encourage an interested councillor to take on the role of looking at different ways in which in the money can be spent. Cllr Allen has kindly done some research on a possible summer event.


Proposed New Children’s playground group

Several members of the group attended to outline the proposal to the parish council and attendees. They are a group of parents and grandparents. It was explained that the existing facility at Mount Ridley is a long walk from the village and isolated. It has been suggested that a new playground should be sited in Jubilee Park It is fully supported by Kingswear Primary School. A poster, map of location and summary was produced which will eventually be put on the notice boards and website. The area will be fenced. It is estimated that the cost will be in the region of £35 to £50k.

There was a discussion with the following points made:

Cllr Henshall commented that during the early 1990’s when the playground was sighted at Mount Ridley it was because parents did not wish to walk along the busy Brixham Road.

Cllr R Lovell asked for clarification of the location which is proposed as the corner where there is a pic nic bench. This would be away from the houses and would not interfere with boat usage.

Cllr Henshall raised concerns about the annual November bonfire.

It was agreed to place publication on the council notice boards and websites and the council will consider in detail at the July meeting. (Since delayed until September)


Kingswear Regatta Committee, Gill Davies

Report to the Kingswear Parish Council AGM on the 2013 Kingswear Regatta – May 6th, 2014

Kingswear Regatta took place on June 29 and 30th last year. The Regatta aims to provide a weekend of family fun on both water and land and it remains a popular local event with the tried and tested format of rowing races on Waterhead Creek and a village fete on Jubilee Park. Last year’s Regatta was blessed with glorious weather and much enjoyed by all.

The Regatta also tries each year to raise money for local charities, individuals, events and organisations. Last August, on the steps of Kingswear Village Hall, the Regatta Committee were very pleased to be able to present Sam Furneaux and Caroline Williams with a cheque for £1000 for the newly-formed Kingswear 2 to 4 Tea Club. Steve Ainsworth, Chairman of Kingswear Rowing Club, which provides and maintains the four-oared boats raced at Regatta, was pleased to accept £1100. Dawn Horton, administrator at Kingswear Primary School received a cheque for £500 towards swimming lessons for all at the school; Peter Burr of Kingswear Combined Charities was presented with £400 towards the annual village firework display, and Mike Trevorrow accepted a cheque for £200 towards a bench to be sited by the newly-renovated lime kiln on Waterhead Creek.

As usual on the Saturday morning of Regatta some beautiful vintage and classic cars rolled onto Jubilee Park as rowing heats got underway.  The dog show was very well subscribed and as hilarious as ever, especially the (dis-obedience class ….

On Sunday rowers were getting extremely competitive, some about winning the race and some about their fancy dress outfits!  Rowing prize sponsors The Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company were very enthusiastic competitors, so much so that General Manager Andrew Pooley, rowing with his son in a paired heat, broke an oar!  There were some great invitation races between DSRRB and KRC, the Fencing and Taekwondo clubs and the Parish Council and the School Teachers. The teachers must have been tired as they failed yet again to beat the pupils who virtually gave them a head start …. The Mens Open Fours was very exciting and so closely fought it had to be re-run and this year the PODRR crew triumphed over the Kingswear Team in the last race of Regatta, the Regatta Committee Challenge.

Entertainment around the park was provided by stalls, games, face painting, demonstrations of fencing and taekwondo, the school orchestra and a children’s’ entertainer who taught magic tricks. Stars of the show were the three donkeys, Polo, Pepper and Smartie, who weaved through the crowds with children on their backs. Chris Boon added delicious seafood paella to the wide variety of food available which included the wonderful W.I. teas and cakes, spit-roast lamb, Manna from Devon pizzas and the Jimmy Wright barbecue. At the end of the afternoon, after local Town Crier Les Ellis had drawn the raffle, proceedings moved up to the Village Hall for the prize-giving ceremony and some live music provided by the Ship Inn.

As always the Regatta Committee would like to thank the incredibly generous local individuals and companies who sponsor it each year, without whom it could not happen. A great big thank you goes to rowing prize sponsor the Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company. An equally great big thank you goes to all the other supporters and sponsors of set-up costs, food and equipment: Caroline and Chris Boon, By the Dart, Caterfoods and the Steam Packet Inn, Sue & Mark Clayton-Smith, Darthaven Marina, Kingswear Builders, Kingswear Parish Council, Ray and Jayne Licence, Lynne Maurer & Roly Boyden, Noss Marina, Alex Phillips, the Ship Inn, Jan and Mike Trevorrow, Russ Wyman Construction and many more who donate raffle prizes and other items. Thank you so much also to all the individuals who donate their time and effort each year to make this happen.

Kingswear Regatta 2014 is being held over the weekend of July 5th and 6th.


The Maxey Trust

The late Mrs Cecelia Maxey donated land in Wood Lane with the kind thought of providing a recreational area and a trust was set up to manage the land.  However the ground is on a steep slope and it did not prove unsuitable for the intended purpose, nor was there any finance to develop the site.

The trust was able to obtain outline planning permission for the land which increased its value considerably and the land was sold.  The resulting capital has enabled the Trustees to help the community in a more useful way.

The stated objectives of the Trust are:

To support the recreation, education and welfare of the people of the parish of Kingswear and its vicinity with the primary beneficiaries being the children of the Kingswear Primary School.


The objectives are quite general although there is an emphasis on children and the school.  The Trustees will consider any application on its merits but on the whole we wish to support capital projects rather than day-to-day running costs.

This last year we gave £500 to the Parish Council to help with the repairs to fencing at Jubilee Park and completing the new footpath to the lime kiln and £500 to the Kingswear Rowing Club towards the purchase of a safety boat.  We have also offered £2000 towards new boats for the Junior Sailing Club.

Michael Stevens



Dart Sailability Group (Dsg) Annual Report

1st October 2012 – 30th September 2013

We have had a successful and enjoyable year with a most glorious summer. Our 101 disabled sailors took to the water 577 times over 32 sessions. This is all made possible through the hard work and dedication of our passionate band of 49 volunteers and the generosity of our sponsors.  We lost 4 sessions due to bad weather, but otherwise were blessed with the best summer for 6 years.

During the winter months our hardy volunteers recovering our 15 boats from the river and cleaned, repaired and anti-fouled them ready for two volunteer training days before the start of the season on 18 May 2013. We are very grateful to Noss Marina Ltd for the sheltered space that they generously provide for this maintenance work.

In April 4 instructors successfully became Senior Instructors on completing a demanding course at Noss and Plymouth. The new SI’s will support the Principal and take charge of sailing sessions and further develop the training within the Group.

We now have 2 disability awareness trainers who train new volunteers during the winter.

During the season we purchased an out board motor, two radios, four life jackets, a propeller, an access jib and a club house heater.

Janet Helmore kept the Group in touch, during the winter recess with a Christmas lunch, a skittles evening and buffet and our Annual Dinner. The Annual Dinner was held at the Berry Head Hotel, in a wheelchair friendly room.

The summer BBQ   was interrupted by a shower, but the music of Ian James and Don Fallon soon revived the party atmosphere. 

The RYA annual inspection went well and it was noted that we had complied with the new MCA regulations for powerboats.  We retain our status as a RYA Centre of Excellence and Training Centre. We were congratulated on the high standards of the Centre.

We held our AGM on 10 November 2012 at Dragon’s Tail, Brixham.

At our February trustees’ meeting concerns were raised about the financial liability that trustees could be responsible for and at the next meeting 2 local solicitors recommended that we change our charity structure from an unincorporated charity to a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). The trustees unanimously agreed as did a general meeting of the DSG members on 16th June. The charity commission Association model constitution for a CIO as granted on 12 February 2014.

Two schools, Oakland Park in Dawlish and Bidwell Brook in Dartington, continue to bring disabled students, aged 14 to 18 years, to participate in the RYA’s ON Board scheme. They enjoy the sailing and RYA achievement awards. 

Sailing provides many disabled people with a wonderful sense of freedom. Freedom to skim across the water with the restrictions of the land largely left on the pontoon. Racing is a step up to further levels of freedom, when disabled sailors can compete as equals. It is physically and mentally challenging, but it draws you back time and again. We thank all our volunteers, who generously give of their time, to make this all possible. 


Robert Boyd represented Dart Sailability at the RYA Multi-class regatta on Rutland reservoir in August. He was placed second overall and won the Roma Severne Challenge Cup back.

 In August we raced the Sonar in the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta over four days with different, mix ability crews, teamed up together each day. We were placed fourth in the Keelboat series. Congratulations to the various skippers and crews for managing the hectic, competitive situations of yacht racing.

We enjoyed a season of club races, some to Dittisham and others nearer to Noss, where we dodge the ferries and the navy.

On 18 September the Dart Harbour board members unanimously awarded us the Dart Harbour Senior Award for exceptional and inspiring work with young people on the river. They felt, after visiting our sailing sessions, that our organisation met the needs of so many disadvantaged people in such a fun way. We greatly appreciate their kind donation of £500. 

Our finances remain healthy thanks to the generous support of Dart Haven Marina and Noss Marina and our many sponsors, donors and fundraisers.  Barry Cooper and a crew from Dart Sailability took part in the Eddystone charity race and raised £1076.92 for the group.  Another team provided safety boat cover for the Totnes Longbow canoe race and we received a generous donation from Totnes Rotary club for our support.

As a disabled sailor of the DSG since 2001 and the Group’s Chairman, I would like to thank everyone for making Dart Sailability such a delightful organisation to be a member of. It provides support, friendship, recreational and competitive sailing that improves the condition of our lives. We are indebted to all our volunteers.

Mark Farries has continued as our Principal, in charge of all water activities. Dart Sailability has greatly benefitted and prospered under Mark’s leadership and we very much appreciate his and Angela’s endless enthusiasm, commitment and hours of hard work, plus the fact they travel from Exeter.

This year we are working towards a new twin hulled power boat for our less abled members to enjoy the river Dart.       


Robert Boyd

Dart Sailability chairman  


Kingswear Hall

Report to Kingswear Parish Annual Meeting                                         Tuesday 6 May 2014

In the absence of our Chairman, Barrie Tulloch here is a short report on Hall activities in the last year.

We have welcomed Alexa Paddock as a new trustee and parish council representative and she is proving to be an enthusiastic member of the committee.  We were saddened to lose a valuable trustee in Lorna Wright earlier in the year, although very busy she was a great support and we all miss her.

We have re let the old library rooms and continue to have a wide range of activities throughout the week with the halls being well used.  We are currently negotiating with Don Collinson to set up a permanent display of historical photographs in the lower hall.

Maintenance of an old building continues to be a concern and we do retain funds to cover any specific repairs required.  Fortunately the efforts in keeping up the level of bookings and the continued use by many village organisations helps the overall financial position. We very much appreciate this support.

Carolyn Williams


2-4 Tea Club

Report to Kingswear Parish Annual Meeting                                          Tuesday 6 May 2014

Tea, cake, chat and companionship continues to be offered from 2pm until 4pm in the Lower Village Hall on the first Monday of each month including bank holidays.  We also have information about caring and support available and are open to ideas and suggestions.  Our members are happy with the informal and friendly format but most of all for the transport to and from the hall which is proving to be the key to its success,

Numbers are holding up well with in excess of 35 people attending every month.  We were lucky to have the support of the regatta committee last year and used some funds for a celebratory first birthday lunch at the Ship Inn in February.   Although aimed at the more isolated and potentially lonely members of the parish, anyone is welcome do come and join us.

Carolyn Williams


Kingswear Rowing Club

Mr Steve Ainsworth reported:

The club support is strong. The club is due to enter the Great River Race in London. The club encourages rowers of all ages and abilities. There is also an active Cox training programme. The aim of the club is to encourage young rowers to row.

They have approximately 20 youngsters with training on Sunday morning for 9 to 11 year olds. All children are welcome there is no joining fee. There are also “have ago” sessions for adults on Sundays.

A marshalling boat has been purchased from financial donations. Darthaven Marina were thanked for their help as well as The Maxey Trust, Kingswear Regatta and the District Council.


The Royal Dart Yacht Club

Chris Ensor, Membership Secretary attended.

There are 920 members. Last year was a good season due to the favourable weather. The club hosted some outstanding sailing events. Sponsors were thanked: Darthaven Marina, Dartmouth Chandlery and Baltic Wharf. There is a successful junior section nod also ladies afloat. The new Commodore is Clive Bennett.

The club brings people to Kingswear. They are looking forward to the summer season. The club has a new chef.


Badminton Club.

Rita Rowe attended.

There are 14- 16 members. The club meets on Tuesdays in the Village Hall; The cost is £2 for 2 hours (7 to 9pm).

New members are invited. The club adjourns to the Ship Inn afterwards for refreshments.


Kingswear Historians

Mike Trevorrow, Chairman reported:

There have been a number of interesting talks this year, well attended.  They are the first Monday in the month.

The archive in the Village Hall has been built up.

Tessa Gibson has been researching the history of all the families in Kingswear. The information is now available on a DVD.

Dartmouth Library was thanked for their assistance in research.

The local pubs are also now being researched. There are now more members on the committee.


Chairman’s final comment

The Chairman thanked all for attending and their input.


............................................................................... Signed  ............................................................Date