Following the publication of this web site a number of former Kingswear residents have written. 

Malcolm Hall was a refugee in Kingswear during the war and has written an account of his stay.  To read it please click here.

Peter Watts is now living in Hervey Bay, 400 kilometres north of Brisbane, Australia with May Watts (ne May Crisp).  Peter's sister in law Hilary Ackerell lives one kilometre away from him.

May Crisp and Jean Wallace winning the three-legged race on VE day, 1945 in Lower Contour Road

Peter tells me that he regularly sees Elaine Payne (ne Elaine Burrows).  Elaine lived in Kingswear for all of her life until she married Ernie Payne (from Dartmouth) and shortly after their marriage (over 20 years ago)  they emigrated to Australia and presently live in Victoria, South Australia.  


Jim Austin writes: 

Wow fancy Kingswear school having its own web site.   I attended there from approx 1943-1945, under the tuition of Miss Haywood.  Lived at the Steam Packet Inn, Fore St. during and immediately after the war. Living now and for the last 30 years in Sydney, Australia. If anyone can remember me please drop me a line. (E-mail Address: ). 

I looked very hard at the picture with the 2 girls winning the four legged race on VE day because I was there too, and afterwards we all went over to the bandstand at Newcomen Park, Dartmouth.



Hi Michael,

I was born in Paignton but moved to Kingswear when I was a baby.  My father

and mother worked at that time for Mr and Mrs Jones and our home was the

Grange cottage.  During the war we had to walk every day to school.  If the high

road was closed by the Army, when the AA guns were being used, we had to go

via Millbay Cove where there was a small mine field.  We use to like playing near

Millbay Cove until my mother found out.  Sometimes we had to go with an army

escort from the white house to the post office, later we stayed at the home of my

grand mother Mrs Gunning or my aunt Mrs Bovey.

After the war we moved to Dartmouth which was my home until I went into the

army in 1952.  My first school years were spent at Kingswear, Miss Heywood was

head teacher.  As young boys in the war time we spent more time thinking about

the army, air force and aircraft then we did on reading and we could tell every

type of war ship.  Miss Heywood use to have a talk with us and show us the error

of our ways but it did not help very much.  Now I am living in the town of

Nijmegen with my Dutch wife.  I have three children Ronald, Terry, and Caroline

and eight grandchildren.

Gerdie and Barry Westacott,




Pauline Tetther writes:
At last I have been able to sit down and do some e mails.  I have made
contact with Peter and May Watts in Hervey Bay.
I have had a very busy time since I left Kingswear.  Going first to NZ for
2 weeks and then on to my sons on 22nd Dec.  We all moved house on 28th Dec
and it was 2 weeks before they could get the Broadband sorted out so was
unable to contact anyone.  Since then because the children are still off
school they have been hogging the computer.   I have just moved to
Wellington Point to house sit for Gordon's old neighbours who have gone on
an extended holiday to the Far East, Europe and London.  I must say it is
very strange living in someone else's house.
Last week I joined the U3A - it is huge over here and everyone is so
enthusiastic. I was supposed to be going to Water aerobics this afternoon
but the heat got to me and I had a siesta instead.  Am going to take up my
painting again, quilting and meditation.  As well as that they have a very
lively set up here which you can join which involves lots of trips,
luncheon parties etc so I have joined that of course.  So my life is going
to be more hectic when all that gets going.




Pauline Tetther dining with May and Peter Watts at Hervey Bay (see above).


We have new contacts in Australia. 


They are Ernie Payne and Elaine Payne (ne้ Kenny.  Ernie come from Dartmouth

and Elaine from Kingswear.  They live at: Unit 79, 20 Smith Rd, Sainsbury East, Adelaide 5109.     Tel No 08 8182 2779

and would be pleased to hear from anyone who used to know them.


They are picture here visiting Peter and May Watts.  Sadly Peter died September 2015.