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                                                    Neighbourhood Planning


Under the current Government there are very clear messages about local people making their own

decisions about how and why their home places should change and therefore what development should

happen. Neighbourhoods are being encouraged to write their own local Plan drawing on the opinions

and the advice of their communities. Kingswear Parish Council has set up a group to start the process.

The Kingswear and Hillhead Local Plan will set policies for what we want our area to be like in the years

to come. It will identify the type of development we want to see and where it should occur and what

benefits it will bring to the community. It will look at all the areas of life that contribute to making a happy

village. It can influence aspects of village life e.g. housing, health, leisure and the environment.


Every household should have received a leaflet explaining the consultation process and how to feed your

ideas into the Plan. Please take the time to respond. We are also looking for people to join the working

party. If you feel you could contribute or if you feel strongly about some aspect of life in Kingswear,

please volunteer to help. 


Two workshops are planned; one on Thursday, 7th July, at Raddicombe Lodge between 11am and 3 pm,

and the other on Monday, 11th July in the Lower Village Hall between 6pm and 8.30pm.


For more information please visit our website at

Contact email:


Eileen Parkes


Kingswear Neighbourhood Development Plan Group